• Gateway to Global Success
    Global business team of Professionals
    Sustainable Business
    EVG - leading us to a sustainable business development
    eLEAD Global business to hit record high!!
  • Prevention is better than cure
    Nutrition . Immunity . Longevity
    “Health is our greatest possession”
    Nutrition is a must when it comes to maintaining good health
    With pure, proper and balanced nutrition, it is possible to live a long and healthy life!
  • Innovative
    Franchise Business
    Innovative, leveraging e-commerce business, free registration, no stock keeping required, no delivery of stock required, zero risk in business set-up, global market, 24/7, earning USD
  • Simplified education system and duplication methods
    Network Technology
    With the integration of network technology
    and Health and duplication education system,
    assisting you in your personal development and performance
    Committed to excellence
    Bringing you towards the international platform

01. Latest News   News & Update  

02. EVG Your Gateway to Global Success!

In order to expand your business globally and sustainably, EVG integrates the technology of the internet with a simple and easy to duplicate successful business model that gathers overseas partners and build a successful life together

Professional Leading Team

With 21 years of promising commitment and sincere contribution, EVG is able to grow and form a united and robust team with a culture of positive, harmonious leadership.

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Simple and Consistent Education

Online training, business seminars, practical courses and capacity improvement courses creates successful duplication that leads to the value of inheritance in this business.

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Effective Performance Management

Common principles and ethics, life priorities and discipline, self-management mechanism, goal setting procedures, achieve life goals effectively.

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Resource Integration

No matter where you are, you can achieve duplication and educational performance by using our EVG website and mobile APP

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EVG Mobile APP- Just a click away for the better!

We are the one and only organization with the abilities to create our very own, unique mobile APP that enables us to utilize the functions of the APP, which requires no specific requirements for our business partners who would like to have their own career.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing easily creates zero distance same time training and education

Online Education

Professional online education platform, combines practical courses and sharing of experiences by the respectful leaders


Archived e-files gather all related information that is useful for our business partners in their daily operations.


The E-wallet enables you to purchase the educational materials or register for any courses online in an easy and convenient way.

Online Shopping

By clicking ‘Shop Online’ we can easily purchase EVG global products and conveniently pay for courses or meetings.

Accumulation of member points

Accumulates member points from various ways through marking attendance, registration of membership, invite friends etc and use the member points to exchange for special offers from EVG


Download e-media, publications through e-library, read on information of business growth and share the related info to friends.

Objective Management Procedures

Objective management develops your goals, effectively manage self- discipline, and sets as a guideline for business guidance and measurement of contributions.

Automated personal business progress report

Daily sales check, business progress, training tasks, effective time and performance management

International members sharing area

International sharing platform realise dreams by effectively combine experiences from the international members, enables new members to grow and duplicate effectively and gain useful experience.

03. eLEAD

eLEAD Global Limited is based in Hong Kong , it integrates online shopping with the most advanced duplication system, opening up huge business opportunities.

A Company with a strong background

It upholds the value of sustainable development, invest heavily on manufacturing facilities in the USA and Singapore, with 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, with a leading team of professionals consisting Nutritional Immunologists, medical specialist, research and technology professionals, legal PhD.

Consistent Operation

Upholds on self-producing, self-manufacturing and self-retailing, operating single-handedly from the processes of R&D to packaging, and then delivers products through the ecommerce platform to the consumers

Quality products

Products are safe, unique, effective, and in-line with the scientific research of Nutritional Immunology. The products have gone through GMP certification and more than 2000 stringent tests of chemical contamination, heavy metals and pesticides that enables eLEAD Global products stand out as a repetitive demand and strong consumption product.

Global market

With very low capital, it enables you to duplicate income, and gain huge wealth. With just a mobile phone in hand, you can complete the business transactions and membership registration anytime anywhere, and enables you to have a global reach for your business without any further requirements.

Zero-risk Business

This is the most equal and effective franchise business in the world without the requirements of franchising fee, storage of stocks and delivery of stocks with zero risk, low capital entrepreneurial opportunity.

Operates 24-7

eLEAD Global’s e-commerce via duplication consist of the automated transaction mechanism, that breaks through the limitation of time, distance and operational costs, operates round the clock opening new franchisees, without letting go any earning opportunity.

Easy Qualification

The business partners are eligible to 7 layers of DSV, with earned bonuses of up to 50%. It can be done by qualifying individually, without the needs to achieve sales target in order to grab the highest bonus pay.

Earning USD through Duplication

All you need is to develop 6 business partners, and duplicate up to 4 layers, you are able to earn a satisfying, 5-figure USD income monthly, creating a security income through duplication.

Business management system

eLEAD Global website has its own complete business progress report, which enables you to login anytime to get updated with the latest members recruited, sales volume and bonus payout, managing your business with a convenient and easy way.

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